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The difference about this site?

  • Comments are made by staff (see below) and others who have been vetted for their expertise
  • Only a select few are placed on the site based on how good they are at what they do or have, and where they are
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When selecting a Party Place we look at:

  • Quality of venue
  • Quality of catering
  • Is it a place to go party or have a party



GreggOpperGregg Opper - Chief Party Scout

Gregg has years of experience with parties, planning events, DJing and working at restaurants like Max & Erma's, 94th Areo Squadron, Houlihan's, Casa Gallardo, The Courtyard II, and others. He also has experience with planning parties and events from fundraisers to single's parties. 

Think of as a place to find the best places/services... for many different types of parties.





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